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Leading brands trust Body Scientific to create medical designs for patient education, product demonstration and simulation.

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The Process

Body Scientific works with customers to research their topic, provide educational concept recommendations, finalize designs and collaborate with medical regulation teams for proper documentation and references. Finally, we produce and deliver the product to warehouses or drop ship.


R & D

During the research and design phase, our studio takes the client's complex medical topic and develops a clarifying educational design. 


Final Production & Delivery

Body Scientific oversees all steps of the final production process. The team reviews the product's molds and samples, and manages manufacturing. We see through the logistics of delivery to ensure the product arrives on time. 


Prototype & Management

3D printing and proof of concept prototyping is completed prior to production. We have a medical review process for approval of all products to ensure quality and accuracy. 

Project examples


Pharma Sales Aid
Custom Facial Nerve Model

We create and deliver customized models for sales presentations for Pharma reps, product management and medical regulatory teams.

23-BS2066-CBKL1240024 copy.jpg

Retail Design
Medical Coloring Book

Looking for more retail designs? Then make sure to talk with us! Making medical topics fun and engaging helps everyone learn more about the body.


Patient Education 
Heartworm Disease 

We simplify disease information into visually impactful educational tools for doctors to present to patients. Both human and veterinary presentations.

Epilespy Brain Chart