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Gross Anatomy & Skills Training

thiel soft-prep cadaver embalming word cloud

Body Scientific offers services and solutions to anatomy labs. Whether it be anatomical models, developing new dissection manuals, or providing solutions around using soft embalmed cadavers vs. fresh/frozen tissue. We make the learning experience better.


Body Scientific is improving the learning experience of anatomical dissection and surgical skills training with the introduction of Soft-Prep™ tissue. Similar results to Thiel method, it is an embalming process that yields amazing life-like results. Tissue is flexible, elastic, and comparable to living tissue. Nearly no formaldehyde means a substantial reduction in hazardous formalin fumes and odor. One of the greatest advantages of Soft-Prep™ over fresh tissue is no refrigeration requirements, has good disinfectant quality, and does not decay rapidly allowing the tissue to be used over short or long periods of time.

The surgeons and professors are so impressed with the potential of the tissue for learning resources, we are in the process of creating online webinars and courses, live skills training, a gross anatomy atlas, just to name a few.

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