Mobile anatomy

QR anatomy™

Add value to your printed and educational products with QR Anatomy™
Body Scientific has created a platform that delivers anatomical and patient healthcare information when one of our QR-Anatomy™ codes is scanned. The QR code gives our customers special access to Body Scientific's proprietary high quality educational content at
How it works: 
  1. Our customers can purchase a Body Scientific product with a QR-Anatomy™ code.
  2. The code is linked to our online platform that delivers more educational information about that an anatomical topic.
  3. The end user (your customer - patient, student etc...)  scans the QR-Anatomy™ code with their mobile device to access more educational information at no additional charge.
  4. This enhanced user experience provides a positive reaction to your brand.

Try it!
Scan the code below to visit our Otitis Media page and see how our platform will give you a competitive advantage today. 

In this age of digital

information, QR-Antomy™

is the perfect solution.

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