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Body Scientific offers engaging interactive solutions using the latest trends in digital technology.


Body Scientific designs interactive solutions using augmented reality. Readily available via mobile devices, a user can train anytime-anywhere. AR training helps enhance the user experience and help prepare the them for actual product use. 


AR is a great solution to engage your audience and then direct them to the mobile applications that are important to your business. Body Scientific creates AR solutions for education, marketing and training.  Getting started with your AR project is as easy as contacting us today.


Body Scientific enhanced the cover of G-W's Anatomy & Physiology textbook with AR. Perhaps the first medical textbook the uses AR to help engage their customer and increase sales.



Body Scientific has created mobile medical information platform called QR-Anatomy. Using unique QR codes our customers can direct their patients, students or customers directly to the information that matters most. The platform is created from Body Scientific database of medical information and content.

Contact us to learn how you can deliver Body Scientific's high quality mobile medical information by adding our QR codes to your product or designs.


Immersive Learning solutions

Body scientific also offers VR solutions. Using the Body Scientific database of art and content, they can help content creators and businesses create VR education and training programs. Contact us to learn more about how Body Scientific can help you implement VR solutions today. 

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