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virtual anatomy

interaction = engagement

Real-world anatomical models with 3D interactive counterparts
Abstract Waves

3D AnatomicaL Digital Keycards

We are changing the way anatomical models are used and viewed. Now students can check out virtual anatomical models right on their mobile devices. Allowing more studying time and an interactive experience to keep their attention.

Model shown here is Denoyer Geppert's "Heat of Americal",
digitally illustrated by Body Scientific

The Brain


Uses our anatomical models, or we will create one for you that can have as much simplicity or complexity as you would like. Make sure to contact us about creating any 3D models and interactivity's to have an engaging presentation.

Model shown here is Denoyer Geppert's "Giant Brain",
digitally illustrated by Body Scientific

MRI Scan Image
Grey Limbo

Patient Education


We deliver physical and digital education program for patient education. This provides the sales team dn the physician to deliver important educational explanation of the disease and product MOA.

Medical Devices

Body Scientific can improve your user manuals, and inservice training with interactive models and applications. Improve the use of your products, provide clear and concise problem solving solutions using AR or VR.

Innovative designs


Once we have created your innovative real world product, we can then create a virtual product and program to further support your sales team, educate healthcare professions and make more patients informed.

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