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About BSI

About Us

advancing healthcare education 

We've created illustrations for publishing companies, developed hundreds of patient education products, and even manufacture anatomicals for training and simulation. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to diversity and inclusivity have earned us numerous awards from the Association of Medical Illustrators. Join us in our mission to advance medical knowledge through the power of visual design


Our Story

Body Scientific is a medical illustration company founded in 2005 by Marcelo Oliver and Lik Kwong. Both Marcelo and Lik are graduates of the University of Michigan Medical and Biological Illustration Program and bring a wealth of experience to the company. Before founding Body Scientific, Marcelo held positions such as creative director at Anatomical Chart Co., marketing director of Heartsine Technologies, and President of Denoyer-Geppert.


Since its formation, Body Scientific has created more than 30,000 medical drawings, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to excellence in medical illustration. Their dedication to quality and accuracy has earned them numerous awards from the Association of Medical Illustrators, further solidifying their position as a leading illustration team in the medical industry.


One of the hallmarks of Body Scientific's work is their focus on diversity and inclusivity in medical illustrations. They recognize the importance of accurately representing the diversity of the human body, from skin tone to body type. Creating illustrations that people can relate to is a prime example of their commitment to improving representation in healthcare.


Body Scientific's expertise and reputation have led to partnerships with medical textbook companies and pharmaceutical companies, who rely on their illustrations to educate healthcare professionals and patients alike. With a focus on precision, innovation, and inclusivity, Body Scientific is a trusted partner for anyone seeking high-quality medical illustrations.

Meet The Team



"I recently did a project on implant-based breast reconstruction for a textbook and the renderings they (Body Scientific) delivered were fantastic... The final result was beyond my expectations and greatly added to the content of the chapter, very clearly illustrating the points I was trying to make in text. I recommend Body Scientific without any reservations."

Dr. Eric Halvorson, MD

Division of Plastic Surgery, Harvard Medical School


Body Scientific is an experienced international company. We travel constantly overseas to manage our customer projects, source quality products, and attend international exhibitions to promote our medical visualization services. We enjoy making new contacts and learning regional business practices and then using this knowledge to benefit our customers.

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