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An experienced medical design company
dvancing the education of the human body. 


Body Scientific was founded in 2005 to provide medical illustration and design services to the healthcare industry. Since that time Body Scientific has created thousands of illustrations for publishing companies, developed hundreds of patient education products for pharmaceutical companies to brand promote their products, and pursues international business. 

  • Medical Illustration - We create beautiful medical illustrations that visualize anatomy, disease and surgical procedures.

  • Patient Education - We produce a variety of materials that help simplify and explain complex medical conditions to patients. 

  • Anatomical Models - We source and design plastic anatomical models for use in schools, universities and doctors' offices.

  • Medical Promos - We work closely with preferred vendors, product managers, pharmaceutical and device companies to create branded promotional items for the healthcare industry.

  • Custom Design Services - We are  medical designers that create new illustrations, designs, and technology for our customers.  What makes us different is our medical education background and experience that we draw on to make important decisions for our customers and when designing products.

  • Technology Development - We keep our eye on technology and how we can use it in the education process. HTML5, AR, VR and use of QR codes are examples of technology we utilize in our products. Did you know we developed some of the first iPad healthcare apps and were featured in an apple commercial?

  • International Business - We are an international company that offers products and consulting services to support healthcare education worldwide.

  • Gross Anatomy - What would medical education be without gross anatomy?
    We help improve how university and skills training institutes visualize anatomy. 



Nationally Certified MBE
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Team Leaders

Marcelo Oliver, MFA

President, Owner

& Time Traveler

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Advisory Committee

Marcelo founded Body Scientific International in 2005. He has over 25 years of experience developing and marketing medical education products and services. He works to advance medical education in the U.S. and around the world through visualizing anatomy and healthcare issues. You can find him in the future as he travels around the world through Asia, Middle East, South America and Europe.

Lik Kwong, MFA

Senior Medical Illustrator

& Secret Weapon

Lik is a co-owner of Body Scientific and a long-time working partner of Marcelo's. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical and Biological Illustration Program with over 20 years of experience in illustration. Lik manages all surgical publishing projects, overseaing multiple team members and surgeons. He has a creative mind for concept brainstorming. He's the secret weapon behind the scene. 

Carol Hrejsa, CMI,MS

Senior Medical Illustrator

& Creative Guru

Brendon Oliver

Account Assistant

& Mountain Goat

Brendon is a product and service assistant. He enjoys talking with our customers and attending tradeshows to present our products and services. Brendon knows the BSI product line and how it best fits each market. He helps build our network of contacts and assists in promotional sales using BSI products. In his spare time you'll find him in the outdoors running, snowboarding or hiking a mountain like a mountain goat.


Carol is a certified medical illustrator and Adobe Photoshop master extraordinaire. She has a biological sciences bachelor's degree from University of Chicago and a biomedical visualization master's degree from University of Illinois at Chicago. She has worked at Body Scientific for 10 years, trained numerous interns and contractors, and managed multiple projects, including publications and pharma. This creative guru produces lightning fast mock-ups and deciphers Marcelo's big ideas with ease.



Our Clients

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"I recently did a project on implant-based breast reconstruction for a textbook and the renderings they (Body Scientific) delivered were fantastic... The final result was beyond my expectations and greatly added to the content of the chapter, very clearly illustrating the points I was trying to make in text. I recommend Body Scientific without any reservations."

Dr. Eric Halvorson, MD

Division of Plastic Surgery, Harvard Medical School




Body Scientific is an experienced international company. We travel constantly overseas to manage our customer projects, source quality products, and attend international exhibitions to promote our medical education products and services. We enjoy making new contacts and learning regional business practices and then using this knowledge to benefit our customers. Vist our News & Events page to see where we will be next.

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