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To create scientific visuals that inspire and educate. 

Our mission is to craft scientific visuals that not only inspire and educate but also deeply resonate with audiences worldwide. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality in our work, delivering exceptional service, and leading with unwavering integrity. Committed to making a meaningful global impact, we aim to supply essential scientific visuals wherever needed, contributing positively to the betterment of humanity.


Meet the Team

Marcelo Oliver President

President & CEO

Marcelo Oliver

Meet Marcelo, the visionary CEO of Body Scientific—a world traveler, strategic leader, and the mastermind behind our innovative ideas, ensuring our illustrations transcend boundaries and set new standards in visual storytelling.

Lik Kwong Creative Director

Creative Director

Lik Kwong

Lik, Co-founder of Body Scientific and Creative Director, combines vast experience with artistic prowess, leading our team to execute big ideas with precision and creativity, ensuring your scientific concepts come to life seamlessly

carol Hrejsa Sr. Medical Illustrator

Sr. Medical Illustrator & Project Mngr

Carolina Hrejsa

Carol, a certified medical illustrator and senior leader at Body Scientific, brings artistic mastery and Photoshop expertise to our team. Her precision and mentoring prowess elevate both our visuals and our team.


We have a global reach.

Trusted to illustrated complex anatomy and surgical techniques

Here are a few of the more than 100+ publications we've illustrated.

Photo of Marcelo the president of Body Scientific at exhibition stand

At Body Scientific, we participate in international medical conferences globally, maintaining a strong presence with representatives and manufacturing partners in numerous countries. We welcome opportunities to connect with our customers, dealers, vendors, engage in discussions with investors, and cultivate new partnerships all around the world. 

Our unique combination of skills, experience and global reach distinctly positions us as an industry leader.

Photo: Arab Health - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Roberto Almeida IT Specialist

IT Specialist

Roberto Almeida

Roberto, our database and programming expert at Body Scientific, seamlessly combines technical sophistication with extensive experience in delivering innovative software solutions. His expertise in multiple programming languages and development tools ensures the seamless functionality of our digital infrastructure.

Monica Wierzbicki Medical Illustrator

Medical Illustrator

Monica Wierzbicki

Monica, our skilled medical illustrator, rapidly masters techniques and serves as the 3D liaison for digital excellence at Body Scientific, skillfully transforming complexity into clarity with unwavering professionalism.

Esther Pulley Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Esther Pulley

Esther, a seasoned medical illustrator and graphic designer, brings her professional expertise to new heights as the asset manager at Body Scientific. With a meticulous touch, she oversees our digital library, ensuring a seamless organization and accessibility of visual assets for our clients and team.

Odelia Cheng Medical Illustrator

Medical Illustrator

Odelia Cheng

Odelia, our vibrant new medical illustrator at Body Scientific, comes with innate talent. Eager to contribute, she brings a refreshing blend of professionalism and enthusiasm to our artistic team.

Dalena Huynh Medical Illustrator

Medical Illustrator

Dalena Huynh

Say hello to Dalena, the newest talent at Body Scientific, bringing a burst of artistic brilliance and a unique perspective to our team. Dalena is poised to contribute fresh energy and innovative ideas to our team.

Ollie Oliver Social Media

Social Media

Ollie Oliver

Meet Ollie, our Social Media Manager at Body Scientific, skillfully steering our online presence to stay fresh, trendy, and in the limelight of the medical illustration community with an expert eye for trends and strategic approaches

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