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We illustrate, design and create solutions that fit your needs.

Medical illustration of lungs retracted to reveal the heart

Illustration Solutions

Illustrating science begins with a solid understanding of anatomy and science.

Choosing Body Scientific means partnering with a team that understands complex anatomy, surgical procedures and excels in translating this knowledge into compelling medical images for your publications and training materials.

Photo of Marcelo overseeing production of anatomical model

Manufacturing Solutions

Our customers benefit from our production experience, manufacturing partnerships and hands on approach.

Body Scientific provides comprehensive turnkey manufacturing solutions. From initial design to final delivery, we manage the entire process with our unique combination of design expertise, manufacturing know-how, and logistical experience.


Our aim is to streamline the process, reducing stress and freeing you to focus on your core work while we handle everything from sample creation and quality control to managing the manufacturing process and ensuring timely delivery.

Diversity Solutions

We create inclusive medical images that help tell your story to a broader audience.

Diversity in anatomical illustrations holds a particular importance to Body Scientific. At its core, diverse representation in anatomical illustrations establishes a vital connection in the delivery of medical education to its intended audience. 

It is crucial for patients to see themselves represented in visual educational materials, as it directly impacts their understanding, trust, and compliance with medical information. We are your team to help develop inclusive medical visuals.

Anatomical chart of Ear Nose and Throat showing diversity

Interactive Solutions

Body Scientific is ready to help you engage your audience with interactive solutions.

Body Scientific creates captivating training materials in both print and interactive formats. We are dedicated to enhancing your training materials, making your products more appealing, boosting sales, and expanding your market penetration and share.

Surgical Solutions

Just as in surgery, experience matters.

Body Scientific is a trusted name among surgical professionals, known for accurately visualizing a wide array of surgical techniques. With years of experience, we've created thousands of illustrations for hundreds of procedures, collaborating closely with many surgeons. It's your turn to leverage our extensive experience and skill for your next project.

Design Solutions

We create designs solutions that are visually impactful and can be manufactured and delivered.

Body Scientific delivers expert design and manufacturing solutions tailored for pharmaceutical companies and their preferred partners. Our experienced team not only grasps the underlying science but designs to fit prduction works seamlessly with your internal teams and legal reviews to ensure a smooth process. The result is a memorable and engaging product that resonates with your audience.

Animation of ADPKD kidney revolving in 3D
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