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Medical Illustrations

Medical illustration of the heart right lateral in-situ

See what 18+ years of experience looks like. Our team of skilled medical illustrators are dedicated to producing accurate, high-quality illustrations, with unwavering commitment to precision and attention to detail.

Anatomical Illustrations

At Body Scientific, we specialize in the visualization of surgical techniques. We are the trusted choice of leading surgeons and publishing companies, and relied upon to effectively convey their mastery of surgical procedures. Our work plays a pivotal role in enabling the medical community to learn, refine their techniques, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Surgical Illustrations

Medical illustration of female patient under Divinci surgical robot
Medical illustration showing diseases  of the intestine and rectum

Body Scientific's illustrations provide precise and detailed visual representations of diseases, aiding healthcare organizations in effectively communicating complex medical conditions to patients. This clarity empowers patients to comprehend their own health situations better, enabling them to make well-informed choices regarding their treatment options.

Disease & Disorder Illustrations

At Body Scientific, we thrive on the challenge of crafting editorial medical visuals that breathe life into novel scientific concepts through a creative lens. Our creative prowess extends to captivating covers and compelling interior articles. Leveraging our profound expertise in medicine and anatomy, we adeptly translate the written word into engaging visual narratives.

Editorial Illustrations

Medical illustration  of brain and women looking concerned about her stress
Anatomical Chart on Hypertension

At Body Scientific, we create innovative patient education designs that are widely embraced by doctors worldwide. Our collaborative work with pharmaceutical partners results in patient education products that effectively promoting their brands and products, while improving outcomes through health education. 

Patient Ed

Doctor Office Models

Body Scientific pioneers innovative solutions for our clients, like our "Clear Anatomicals" line, that combine illustration, 3D and clear resin. We provided a seamless, turnkey experience from initial concept to final delivery, ensuring a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

The Body Scientific team excels in crafting true-to-scale, 3D anatomical models with meticulous attention to detail, providing real-life experience for product training and demonstrations. 

3D Designed and Printed Catheter Trainer Prototype

Body Scientific creates anatomical models to aid pharmaceutical companies in educating medical professionals and patients about disease progression. Our dedicated team seamlessly handles every aspect of design, medical reviews, manufacturing and logistics, ensuring a comprehensive, hassle-free service.




Innovative Designs

Anatomical Models



Body Scientific creates an immersive interactive stories, inviting users to step into the life of a patient navigating the challenges of chronic disease manifestation, offering a profound understanding of their journey.

Ostuka Pharmaceuticals

Body Scientific's QR-Anatomy interactive tool allows students to explore anatomy right on their mobile devices. Patients can also easily access and take away important patient information using QR codes linked expert content.

QR-Anatomy Quizzes

Utilizing cutting-edge AR and VR technologies, Body Scientific offers innovative interactive tools that enable medical device companies to demonstrate product functionality and conduct virtual training for users. Reach out to Body Scientific to explore how we can elevate your next project.

ZOLL Medical

Body Scientific are storytellers, collaborating with medical experts to produce animations that are both straightforward and precise. Featured here is our 3-part series on Labor Pain Management, thoughtfully designed for English, Spanish, and Portuguese-speaking audiences.

Labor Pain Management

Transforming static 2D textbook illustrations into dynamic, animated videos breathes life into educational content, offering students an immersive learning experience that transcends traditional printed materials. By leveraging animation, complex concepts come to life, fostering a deeper understanding and engagement, making learning both informative and visually captivating.

Animating Static Textbook Illustrations

Medical illustration of African male with forehead flap

Body Scientific is at the forefront of making medical education more iclusive thorugh the art of illustration. Our primary mission is to craft illustrations that reach a diverse global audience. We believe that medical information should resonate with its intended users, forging a stronger connection and enhancing the educational experience for all.

Inclusive Illustrations

Explore a diverse array of Body Scientific's cell and biology illustrations, each crafted in unique styles to assist our clients in effectively conveying scientific concepts to peers and students. 

Cell & Biology Illustrations

Medical illustration of human blood cells