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3 Years in the Making! The foundation and Art of Robotic Surgery

Marcelo Oliver holding the text book of robotic surgery
Marcelo Oliver is excited to announce Body Scientific's contribution to The Foundation and Art of Robotic Surgery

In 2020, Lik Kwong and I had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Giulianotti and Dr. Mangano to discuss their vision for a robotics surgical techniques book. Initially conceived with around 400 illustrations showcasing anatomy and surgical procedures performed with robotic systems, the project gradually expanded over the next three years to encompass over 900 illustrations.

With Lik Kwong at the helm as senior medical illustrator and project manager, alongside editors-in-chief Dr. Giulianotti and Dr. Benedetti, and associate editor Dr. Mangano, we embarked on a collaborative journey. The goal was clear: to translate complex surgical information into accessible visuals that would serve as a foundational resource for robotic surgery.

Over 69 surgeons generously contributed to this endeavor, sharing insights into trochar placements, patient positioning, and the detailed steps of robotic surgical techniques. Through meticulous research and artistic skill, we transformed this wealth of knowledge into a comprehensive collection of medical illustrations.

The Body Scientific team included Lik Kwong, Carolina Hrjesa, Marcelo Oliver, Monica Wierbicki, Liana Bauman, and Paul Evans. Together, we're proud to have created a valuable resource that advances understanding in the field of robotic surgery.

Published by McGraw-Hill

Available on Amazon

Lego with anatomy next to robotic surgery textbook
Cover shot (next to my mini anatomical lego)
4 illustrations of different hiatal hernias
Types of hiatal hernia
Posterior view of Thyroid
Posterior view of Thyroid

Medical Illustration with robotic tools

Illustration showing the setup of surgical equipment
Surgical room setup

Illustration of the anterior thymus
Anterior thymus vasculature

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