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Body Scientific at Arab Health 2024

Updated: Feb 26

We are excited to be exhibiting again at Arab Health 2024 in Dubai. Visit us at H1 E58.

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Body Scientific ( remains the trusted leader in medical illustration and design, committed to simplifying intricate medical concepts. Being the leading visual storytellers of scientific information, the team consists of devoted medical illustrators, animators, and experts who specialize in transforming intricate scientific concepts into high-quality medical visuals. These visuals serve as indispensable tools for medical professionals and companies, facilitating the effective communication of their products, surgical techniques, and research findings.

Telling Your Story.

Marcelo Oliver, CEO at Body Scientific, emphasizes the importance of storytelling: "Once our customers have developed a new product or technique, they face the challenge of explaining how it works, what it looks like, and its mechanism of action. Body Scientific plays a crucial role as the creative team that translates their science into visually stunning and comprehensible imagery to tell the story."

Making the Connection.

Establishing a meaningful connection with the audience through images lies at the core of Body Scientific's philosophy. Recognizing the importance of engaging the audience with visuals that enhance comprehension and information retention, the company is driven to create images that are both visually striking and inclusive.

Experience Matters.

With a remarkable track record, Body Scientific has visualized anatomy and surgical techniques featured in over 100 medical textbooks and produced more than 30,000 medical illustrations. Over the course of 18 years, the company has consistently delivered customized visual solutions and developed hundreds of patient education products, aiding healthcare professionals in effectively explaining health concerns to their patients.

Visualizing New Techniques.

Body Scientific closely collaborates with medical experts to visualize life-saving techniques and communicate procedures effectively to both peers and patients. The creative team possesses a deep comprehension of scientific principles, working closely with medical and subject matter experts to fully comprehend their products or techniques. Applying expert visual skills, Body Scientific creates storytelling solutions that effectively communicate the intricacies of their science.

Body Scientific is dedicated to bringing science to life through visualization. The team is ready to play a crucial role in narrating scientific stories, establishing connections with audiences, and depicting innovative concepts.

For more information visit: or see us at Arab Health, stand H1 E58

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