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Epilepsy Flip book and Chart

March 16, 2016

Body Scientific recently worked in collaboration with a promotional company and a pharmaceutical company to create an educational product intended for a doctor’s office or waiting room. The flip book and chart highlight the differences between a seizure and epilepsy, and also discuss the main types of seizures. Our team worked alongside their medical experts and editors to streamline production and get the products ready for fast-approval from the medical board review.

The flip book features a raised-relief cover, full-color illustrations on each page, and double-sided printing so the doctor and patient each see the same page as they sit across from each other. The chart contains similar content as the flip book, with eye-catching visuals and valuable seizure information.

The products are already making their way into doctor’s offices and the response has been overwhelmingly positive!

We love creating exclusive products, with brand-new illustrations and content to make a notable market presence!

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