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Civiam and BSI Anatomical Models - Brazil

BSI Approved Anatomy

BSI has partnered with Civiam to provide high quality anatomical models for medical education in Brazil! We are offering a bonus e-learning experience with the product, the newly-launched QR Anatomy! Each anatomical model comes with a QR code, customers/students can scan the code associated with the model to launch a mobile site containing online study materials related to the body system of the model at hand. You can take the information with you and study the related anatomy on your mobile device. The site contains popular Body Scientific illustrations to best educate the user about the basics of anatomy. Take the chapter quiz to test your knowledge on the body system. Sign up as a new user and get additional access to the site (or sign up for member subscriptions as the site expands with more study materials). As a user, you will receive email updates on new features available, free downloads, additional quizzes, and more! The best part, the site has been translated into Portuguese! You can choose between studying in Portuguese or English and become a bilingual anatomy expert!

BSI Approved Anatomy models made their debut at the COBEM Brazilian Congress of Medical Education in Vitória, Espírito Santo on Nov 1, 2018. The Civiam booth showcased the QR-enhanced models and had great interest and turn out.

Civiam anatomical models
A user scanning the QR code on a model as onlookers watch.

The QR Anatomy site is expandable to our clients. We can create an individual landing page for a desired product or topic. Samples of branded product sites and disease topic sites are available upon request. Please contact us for individual inquiries at

Example of Portuguese QR Anatomy Site

Civiam booth at COBEM Brazilian Congress of Medical Education

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